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Mind Body Fitness and Wellness.
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Complete Mind Body Fitness & Wellness Program  

Warning this program will positively transform your mind, body and spirit. This program gives you the ability and tools to sharpen your ability to over come limiting perceptions and habits that block your full potential and wellbeing. It is advised to get free consultation with Anthony Jerome to work with you along with this awesome resourse. You will absolutely achieve your mind body fitness and wellness goals. These workouts, yoga routines, meditations, recipies and herbal remedies and supplements are not a replacement, treatment or cure for medical conditions. They are what Anthony Jerome actually uses in his personal training, yoga/ fitness classes and coaching/ counseling sessions. The full body workouts are meant to supplement your training program and are more effective with a one on one session with Anthony Jerome either in person, by phone or video chat. See your health physician before starting a serious fitness exercises and herbal remedies and supplements.  

Fitness Workout #1

Cardio and strength routine: Ice Skaters and a Good Pushups Routine

Upper body Strength routine: with Bands. Bicep curl, Row elbows down and Row elbows up. Repeat for 90 seconds.

Cardio routine: with Track/ Running Drills.

Each workout combines upper & lower body strength and cardio.

  • Always do a warm up first.
  • Do 3 sets of workout #1.
  • Modify where you need to.

Fitness Workout #1a

Total Body weight workout. 30min Fitness/ 30min yoga.

Fitness Workout #2

Cardio Exercise: 3 Repititions of Side Shuffle, Bear Crawl/ Crab Crawl and Burpee with 1 or 2 push ups and hop forward. 

Upper body strength routine: Kettle bell Bent over rows, Bicep curls, Tricep extensions and up right rows.

Leg strength routine: Lunges, squats, hamstring curls and ball transfers

You can do this!

  • Do a warm up first.
  • Do 3 sets of workout #2.
  • Modify where you need to.

Fitness Workout #2a

Full Body workout with a dumbell or kettlebell. Complete 3 sets with 2 min rest between sets.

Fitness Workout #3

Strength routine: 7 variations of the push up.

4 minute abdominal routine: This ab routine can be added to other workouts. 

Strength endurance routine: 3 types of Kettle bell swings. 30 seconds each arm for each swing.

Fitness Workout Challenge #4. Complete all workouts #1 #2 #3 in one session twice. Try it!

  • Do a warm up first.
  • Do 3 sets of Workout #3.
  • Modify where you need to.

Medicine Ball Slam Workout!

Anthony Jerome's pullup routine 3 sets.

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Effulgence Yoga with Anthony Jerome

A complete mind body spirit yoga asana experience! 

Yoga for Strength and Balance

  • 45 minutes.

Strong flow hatha/ vinyasa. Stretching and strengthening lower body, upper body, core abdominals and back. 

Yoga to prepare for meditation

  • 55 minutes.

Become aware how deep relaxation, breathing, intention and imagery with in specific asanas (yoga poses) increases flexibility and deepens our inner peace, creating a restoring and rejuvenating energy.

Ashtanga Yoga Prep.

Asthanga yoga prep beginning level 1st series Lead by Jennifer Demarco.

1 hour and 5 minutes.

Authentic Free Form Yoga Practice. 

  • 6 minutes.
  • I personally do this practice every day. I have found it to be the yoga practice that most embodies a real experience of deep spiritual teachings of yoga. Below is a list of the wisdom I find in this yoga practice.

  • Listening and trusting the wisdom of body.
  • Be Authentic, be raw and be your self.
  • Unconditional love in the form of acceptance to what arises in movement. 
  • Surrender or Channel or Allow the Universal Creative Intelligence, Source Energy to move through you and as you.
  • In this Free Form Yoga you are practicing non judgemnet on your self or what others think of you.
  • That Source, Universal Creative Intelligence that moves and breathes me into being is the same Source that moves and breathes all life, all beings, all creation into being.

Guided Meditations and Inner Process of Transformation

 3 inner tools you need for mastering and healing the mind body spirit, transforming limitations, blocks and increasing your level of performance, as well as bringing balance, healing and wellbeing to your self and others. 1. Meditation/Hypnosis/Mindfulness 2. Inner Process of Transformation 3. Energy Healing

An Enlightened Way of Being Through the Breath Meditation

  • 6:33 minutes.

Inner Process of Transformation to resolve real issues causing pain and stress. 

PDF Download the script for the Inner Process of Transformation and Guided Focusing Script to learn the process.

Yes i want a private session to resolve limitations, blocks, anxieties, pain, stress, ptsd, addictions, loss and grief. FREE Consultation!

Disk 2 of Enlightend Ways of Being Guided Meditations. 

Herbs, Supplements, Meal plan and Recipes

In addition to our signature strength training program, we offer a variety of specialty classes based on member demand.

Supplements and Herbs. 

These Supplements and Herbs are Anthony Jerome's personal selections he takes everyday. Be sure to check with your health care physician. Some herbs effect perscription medicine. 

Plant Head, Vega One or some kind of vegan protien/ meal replacement. Making sure I get all the protien I need.  

Vitamineral Green - It is impossible to get this much nutritional density of this many variety of greens in one day. Excellent for digestion health.

Multi Vitamin. Called Alive Max 3 Daily. Making sure you get all your vitamins and minerals as a vegan. Especially B-12 and Vitamin D.

Flaxseed grounded - Omega 3 heart and healthy arteries 

Red Rooster. Chinese herbal remedy. For energy and reproductive health.

Ashwaganda - Reduces stress stored in the body and increase energy.

Gotu Kola - Longevity, Cognitve function, protects brain.

Ginko - Powerful antioxidants for brain and body

Maca - Reproductive health, vitality, energy, endurance, memory.

Hawthorn - Heart health, circulation

Reishi Mushroom - Cancer prevention, Immune system, liver protection

Bilberry - Healthy eyes, prevent degeneration of eyes.


Meal Plan

Anthony Jerome's Meal Plan  



Drink smoothie.  

Vega one vegan or Plant Head vegan.  

Plant based vitamin supplement and all herbs.  


Granola in Flax milk or almond milk. Add Cashews or Almonds. Add goji berries, blackberries, raspberries or banana.  



LUNCH option 1  

1 fitness bar.  

Nuts pistachios, almonds or cashews.  

2 to 3 Ready to eat cucumbers raw. Or cut raw celery or raw fennel.  

A piece of fruit.  

Suja Green Drink.  



LUNCH option 2  

Spinach salad with cashews or almonds or pistachios.  

1 fitness bar.  

Any Fruit.  

Suja Green Drink  



DINNER option 1  

Amy’s can of black bean soup or Lentil soup.  

Brussel sprouts halves or chopped. toss in 1/4 cup of olive oil with sea salt and pepper (or Braggs Amino Acid to savory flavor.) Baked at 450 for until caramelized about 25 mins.  


Jerome's favorite is to stir fry Brussel Sprouts in a skillet use Coconut oil or a little good earth butter (non dairy) on the pan. Add braggs amino acid and or salt and pepper. ADD CASHEWS after 2mins. Toss as needed until the Brussel sprouts are little softer. Not too soft.  



DINNER option 2  

Black beans vegan organic in a can.  

Original Rice Pilaf or regular rice.  

Salad with spinach, carrots red cabbage and cucumbers  



Cliff Bar topped with Honey Almond Butter . 

More Recipes

Anthony Jerome’s new favorite recipe. Curried Butternut Squash link: