Learn Enlightened Ways of Being Energetics and Meditation techniques with Jerome Gross.

A 5 week training program learning:

LIghtbody Meditation

Inner Process of Transformation

Energetic Healing and Intuitive Reading

Online zoom/facetime program begin when you purchase the course. $600

In the videos below I am giving real sessions demonstrating energy healing and at the same time guiding a client through an Inner Process of Transformation. I am happy to sharing these videos with you so you can see what a session looks like and see a general step by step process I use to shift limiting beliefs that cause stress and pain in the body. When you participate in the 5 week program you will get 10 private 1 on 1 sessions and 4 online group trainings. You will have access to our exclusive website to view the step by step guide of the Inner Process of Transformation techniques, 11 audio meditations tracks and another videos to support your learning. To really master the Enlightened Ways of Being Energetics and Meditation techniques after the 5 weeks, I recommend the option purchase another 5 weeks to continue training at a reduce cost from paying for individual sessions. You will also continue access to the membership website material and you will be invited to online guided practice sessions doing energy healing, inner process of transformation and meditations. By the end of your 5 week training you will have upgraded your awareness in mind body spirit connection and have gained real and practical skills in spiritual healing, transformation and empowerment. 

Here is an Awesome Proposal! I will help you manifest your vision and also teach you the Enlightened Ways of Being Energetics and Meditation techniques! 

"Every so often we have to upgrade the software of our phones and computers if we want them to keep functioning at an optimal level. I want to teach you skills to upgrade the software your mind body connection for your optimal health and wellbeing and for who ever comes into your circle."

What does Jerome mean when he says he is does the "Enlightened Way of Being Energetics?" This is his description of energetics.

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Enlightened Ways of Being Energetics and Meditation training is 5 week program where you pick a what area you want to improve Health, fitness, relationships, business/ finances or spiritual or personal growth and you get personal sessions with me to clear blocks and limitations and also you learn the fundamental skills to the Enlightened Way of Being Method to continue to work on your self and others as you need it. I realize you may be interested but need to know more. My aim is that, if you are a person really wanting to release pain, stress, blocks and limitations, have guide to coach you in intuition, healing, transformation and spiritual empowerment, you will leave your contact and we will have a great conversation about how I can help you achieve your goals and answer your important questions. If you are excited right now to invest in learning something new that could enhance your health and wellbeing to an exciting level you can call or text me right now and we can have that conversation ASAP. Jerome Gross 619 884-2662  

What do you get in the 5 week program?

10 private or semi private sessions with Anthony Jerome in person, by phone, facetime, zoom or skype. In the sessions he will work on your goals and or teach you how to release core issues causing acute or long standing pain or stress using his technique called the "Inner Process of Transformation" and "The Enlightened Way of Being Energetics." He will also teach you how to scan the body, mind and energy field using muscle testing and apply the technique on your self to release limitations and achieve your personal goals. Worth $80 to $100 per session.  

5 Group workshop sessions teaching the 3 foundations in the Enlightened Way of Being: 1) Lightbody Meditation 2) Inner Process of Transformation 3) Energy Healing. If you can attend. Sale price $25 to $50 per session.

5 Day Guided Meditation Course. 11 tracks of meditations that are part of the Enlightened Way of Being Process.1 to 4 tracks sent to your email for 5 days with videos describing the best use of the audio meditations that you can download. Sale price $25.  

The Inner Process of Transformation 11 step script in a PDF to download and videos of group and individual sessions to watch and follow along to help you learn and understand the Inner Process of Transformation. Workshop price $25.  

Exclusive Access to 3 yoga videos "Yoga with Jerome." 1) Yoga for Strength 2) Yoga for Meditation 3) Authentic Movement Free Form Yoga. Sale Price $25.  

Plus you will get more videos. Some are inspirational messages. Some with specific guidance in meditation, energetics and the Inner Process of Transformation.  

If you are in San Diego and can attend my Enlightened Way of Being Energy healing and meditations classes Tuesdays 8pm in person. You are welcome to come:  

I know that you will learn real skills to raise your health, fitness, longevity and a feeling of wellbeing to a level never experienced before.

If you choose to master these skills and continue with sessions all are welcome to purchase another 5 week program.

Total retail price is $900 to $1100  

YOUR PRICE is NOT $900 or $1100  

YOUR INVESTMENT only $600 for the first 10 people. Prices will go up after 10 people.

That's for being a cool client and coming to my events and classes!

Let's do a free consultation and mini session! to see if the 5 week training program or individual sessions works best for your results. 

Here is what you will learn and why it's important?

Every so often we have to upgrade the software of our phones and computers if we want them to keep them functioning at an optimal level. I want to teach you the 3 skills to upgrade the software your mind body connection for your optimal health and wellbeing. You will also be able to help your family friends and who ever comes into your circle if you choose.  

If you learn the 3 skills I want to teach you, it is possible to speed up recovery or eliminate body aches and pains, stress and anxieties without another pill or supplement, or another superfood remedy and without depending on endless therapies. That means It will save you money and time. You will be maximizing your mind and body's healing potential.  

1) Meditation, 2)Energy Medicine and 3)an Inner Process of Transformation are the 3 profound skills that well upgrade the software of your mind body spirit connection. Step by step I will show how to improve your ability to heal your body, eliminate pain and injuries to get specific results.  

Of course these skills are used in all areas of life from health and fitness to healing relationships, over coming obsticals to career goals, personal growth and spiritual awareness. I have had clients in all these areas even in natural child birth using my skills. For for the learning process, I want to start the conversation from my background of expertise where I know we can get a results. If you want an upgrade in any of these areas of mind body spirit connection for healing, health, longevity, fitness, performance, personal and spiritual inner transformation I can certainly help you private sessions and teaching you these skills of meditation, energy medicine and an Inner Process of Transformation to accomplish your goals.  

You will be learning to use the energy of consciousness, Enlightened Way of Being energy healing techniques, intention, breathing, in deep meditation asking Divine Source for creative problem solving and muscle testing. You will learn specific ways to resolve the core subtle issues of stress that gets trapped in our bodies that making us vulnerable to injury and illnesses and unhealthy behaviors. By doing this healing, transformation and empowerment practice you slow down the aging process and clear the root mental, emotional, psychic and energetic causes of degeneration.  

If you are reading this then you may be one of my yoga/ meditation or fitness students or have got a healing session from me before. Ultimately I think the reason we connected is that we want to improve health, fitness, longevity and wellness. Beyond the important physical exercises of functional fitness, yoga and whole food plant based diet, I feel these skills of meditation, energy medicine and the Inner Process of Transformation are the next level and so IMPORTANT to offer and teach. To not offer these sessions and teach these skills would be a disservice. I would feel like I am short changing you and not giving you the service that I know will increase your overall wellbeing in all areas of life.  

Can you remember the first time you bought a smart phone or Iphone? Can you imagen not having a manual or someone to show you how to use the apps and navigate all the capabilities of the smart phone? I remember for a long time I just used smart phone for calling and texting. I was limited until my children showed me some cool things I could do that made life easier. The world has changed, now those smart phone skills are a necessity for my business and everyday function. I am like my children but instead I am teaching meditation, energy medicine and an Inner Process of Transformation to upgrade our skills in the mind, body, spirit connection.  

These are natural skills most people are not aware they have. Some know they have the ability but seeking the main stream presentations of yoga, mindfulness and meditation are usually too general to get the specific results I am talking about. We have been conditioned by give too much of our power away to health authorities that don't know about the mind body spirit diet connection. The holistic awareness is about us realizing more of our potential to live fully. We look at our peers and elders that had bad habits they don't know how to break or just were ignorant of the mind body spirit diet connection and I get sad because I know we do have more control over health, fitness, performance, how stress affects us and the aging process. The fact is these skills are not taught to us in our general education and it is hard to find someone that embodies the skills and teaches it. This is what inspired me to teach this where ever I can. 

You may know Anthony Jerome Gross as a yoga and meditation instructor or a fitness instructor. Maybe you know him as a hypnotherapist and intuitive energy healer that works on people professionally and always ready to send healing to someones ache or pain after a fitness or yoga class. Here is a little more of his background you may not know.  

His traditional education. He has a BA in Physical Education from SDSU (fitness and training/teaching and coaching) and attended as a scholarship athlete in track and field sprinter. He still holds his high school record for the 400m after 32 years. Jerome Gross continues to compete and won the 2017 San Diego Track and Field Masters Championship in 400m 200m and 100m. Only mentioning this to say he uses the mind body energy medicine techniques that he teaches everyday which allows him to perform at a high level minimizing injuries and maximizing potential.  

Jerome's non traditional education. He has traveled to India 5x. Twice during two summers in college. Attended summer courses in a college in South India on Indian culture, spirituality and leadership. It was taught by world spiritual teacher and humanitarian Sathya Sai Baba. Growing up in the traditions of eastern spirituality of hinduism, vedanta, yoga philosophy, taoism and buddhist teachings this is his foundation in yoga and the healing arts. Primary teachings of influence are Self Realization, seeing the oneness in all creation, and service to others to relieve pain and suffering.  

More non traditional education. After returning from the first trip to India Jerome met Master Choa Kok Sui and studied his first energy healing system called Panic Healing in 93. Since then he has trained to the level of teaching several other traditions and lineages of energy healing. Reiki, Theta Healing, Anne Brewer's Soul Clearing and DNA activation, Yuen Method of Chinese energy medicine. What was fascinating to him was the ability to decrease or eliminate pain and stress with the power of his minds intention on the quantum level without touching the person. Throughout his career in track and field at the collegiate and elite level athletes would come to him to speed up their healing of injuries.  

Another non traditional education Jerome pursued was becoming a clinical hypnotherapist at the San Diego Hypnosis Institute during the summer before his last year at SDSU. Highlights were doing stage shows for the dorms at San Diego State University and UCSD. The best highlights are seeing clients break life long habits and personal transformations. This was the beginning of working with clients to relieve pain, stress and negative habits by changing limiting subconscious beliefs and trauma that are held pain in the body.  

Jerome started his private practice of hypnotherapy, energy healing and private speed and conditioning coach for athletes and private clients right after college. At the same time taught in San Diego Unified School District. He first worked in the Race/ Human Relations and conflict resolution program then as a physical education instructor in several schools. Always implementing meditation, mindfulness, yoga and healthy food choices in his PE programs.  

Jerome's passion throughout all of these years is the belief that "Everyone should have these skills of meditation, energy healing and an Inner Process of Transformation." He believes through the process of overcoming fears and limiting judgements to achieve their goals of health and wellbeing people would naturally become more compassion. People will have a real feeling and intention to be conscious of their thoughts and intentions knowing their thoughts are the foundation for their health and wellbeing. Empowered to know they have the power to transform the world around them.