Enlightened Way of Being Through the Breath meditation.


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Enlightened Ways of Being Guided Meditation Course

What is an Enlightened Way of Being?

It is the ability to relax physically, relax mental judement, expectation and analyzing on our selves and others and relaxing the willfull individual forceful effort. From that place of beingness, openess and allowing there is creative Intelligent presence with in you that is invoked. Acknowledging that presence as an infinite energy that moves and breathes your breath, let it pour into the core of our being in the form of deep peace energy, deep understanding, a great idea, a solution to a problem, inner guidance, inner motivation, passion and physical strength and stamina to accomplish. Or the Enlightened Way of Being will be for us to BE IN THE FULL EXPERIENCE OF THE NOW MOMENT!  


"Jerome's guiding messages are so calming and insightful, leading whomever is listening to what they are needing. Each one is beautifully recorded and unique" Elizabeth

"Your voice gets me so relaxed. I like the use of the creature metaphor in the Guided Focusing to resolve the inner stress" Soheil

Click and Purchase! 5 Day Enlightened Ways of Being Guided Meditation training course

What do I get in the course?

$25 for a limited time! You get all this:

 Meditations taught at Mind Body Spirit Retreats and the Inner Process of Transformation used in real coaching sessions to resolve specific issues and stress. $350 course value.

5 email lessons. You recieve 1 lesson a day for 5 days.

Enlightened Ways of Being Guided Meditations 11 tracks from 2 cd discs.

Each email lesson contains a video discussion that support the audio meditations.

Bonus* The Enlightened Way of Being Inner Process of Transformation video of a live group session that you can follow along step by step with a pdf copy.

1Free live Phone Consultation and Coaching Guidance ideally at the start of the course. You pick 1 issue to resolve or one result you would like to see from this course. (Optional I will contact you to ask if you want this service).

Free Follow up session and post course vision (Only if you opt-in to this service)

Learn Mindfulness, Progressive Deep Relaxation, Listen to your inner guidance

Draw from an infinite source of innner strength and confidence to take action on your goals

Tools for resolving inner conflicts, sadness that create stress and limitations to your wellbeing and personal success.

Meditations that help you to experience an Enlightened Way of Being that invokes a restoring and uplifting peaceful energy. 

Click Here! Get Enlightened Way of Being Guided Meditation Training Course

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