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Peak Health & Performance Mindset Training.

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With Anthony Jerome.

You will find his hypnosis shows positive, inspirational and entertaining. Easy event to set up and your people will say how much fun they had. Mindset training gives direct experience of the power of the mind and how to actually apply these mind tools for peak health and performance goals. If you are interested, I am looking forward to talking to you about details of my Peak Performance Mindset Presentation or Inspirational Entertainment Hypnosis Show. I am offering my service as entertainment and or speaker/presenter to high school and college events, athletic teams, corporate events, public and private workshops, parties and other events.

Inspirational Entertainment Hypnosis Show is a great event that can also be a great fundraiser for your cause and organization.

Leave your contact and we can talk about how my services can be tailored to fit for your group or event. Also, to add more value, here is what I can offer and make available if appropriate:

  • Allow me to be your amazing, fun, funny, Inspirational Hypnosis Entertainment at your next big fundraiser on your high school or college campus. Easy way to raise money for your cause or organization.
  • Book me as a speaker on Peak Performance Mindset. It can also be an interactive training presentation.
  • Leave your contact below or contact me, Anthony Jerome directly 619 884-2662

Anthony Jerome Master Hypnotist/ Hypnotherapist 

Hypnosis show. Watch Video.

Mind Body Fitness & Wellness Program. Watch Video.

A common question people ask AnthonyJerome Gross. How did you learn to do hypnosis?

I got my degree in Physical Education at San Diego State University. At the sametime I was taking non traditional training in energy medicine and other healing arts. A mentor while I was in college told me that if I wanted to learn to be a complete and effective health and wellness coach I needed to learn how the mind works and he gave me a list of trainings and techniques. I then went to learn hypnosis at the Hypnosis Institute of San Diego. I learned and trained in everything you can do with hypnosis, including the fun stuff, stage show hypnosis. 

I was a scholar athlete in track and field so I started doing group hypnosis sessions for sports performance with the athletes at San Diego State. For the next couple years I did hypnosis entertanment for the dorms at SDSU and UCSD. Mostly, I helped people stop smoking, stop limiting habits and negaitive thinking, overcoming fear and anxiety and weight loss. I continued to do hypnosis while teaching PE in schools. 

Hypnosis a great tool I use regularly when needed to help clients create healthy habits in my mind body fitness and wellness business. I continue to be availlabel to do stage hypnosis shows for parties, corporate and other events. The video above is a 3:30 minute demonstration clip from an employee party. The full version is available upon request.

Wanting hypnosis at your next event? Leave your contact above to discuss details, rates or contact me AnthonyJerome Gross 619 884-2662